Our Passion is Making Patient Safety Real.


1.1 About Anesthesia e-Nonymous

We strongly believe that until medical error, adverse outcomes, and patient harm are greatly and reliably reduced, we owe it to our patients to continue to entertain all possible explanations for such unexpected events. In theory, incidents of patient harm may be greatly minimized if we can learn from events that likely precede such failures. Therefore, events in anesthesia represent significant learning opportunities. These valuable learning opportunities may be missed, however, if 1) we do not know about them, and 2) we do not embrace them as performance and systems issues.

Currently, there is no existing mechanism to collect and share stories about clinical events with other anesthesia providers in a timely and anonymous fashion. Anesthesia e-Nonymous was developed as a method to communicate the essence of such events, so that others may learn from your experience.

We recognize that in the reporting of such events, there exists a “fear of discovery,” due to institutional or other factors that may prevent your sharing a story. As a result, Anesthesia e-Nonymous  has combined technological security with a staff of data reviewers who will ensure and protect your anonymity.

1.2 How it Works

When you submit a story, our technological security mechanisms ensure that your submission is completely anonymous, as follows:

1) Your username and password are transmitted over a secure channel that uses banking industry standards to encrypt your login.
2) We do not record your login or the I.P. Address of your computer.
3) On the “Share Your Story” page, your story is transmitted over an encrypted channel to a completely different system that is not tied to your username.
4) A data reviewer reviews your story and, in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, removes any sensitive information.
5) If any sensitive information was found, the original submission is deleted.

If you want to, you could also take an additional step of using a proxy server to hide your computer’s identity from the internet at large. Simply visit http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/en_us/proxy and enter our web address in the box provided.